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Glory Be Collectibles began as a plush teddy bear company designing teddy bears as fundraisers for the non-profit world.  From our beginnings as a plush manufacturer for teddy bears we began to design plush cows, plush pigs, plush dogs, plush horses, plush cats, plush rabbits, plush sheep, plush goats and plush chickens for 4-H.  Those designs helped us open relationships and obtain licenses with FFA, the American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, Kiwanis, Boys & Girls Clubs and most recently Rotary International.

Though plush is a big part of our business, we also manufacture lapel pins, backpacks, hats, banner pens we call Slide Pens, My Hero Deployment Kits, and even children's books.  We created the children's book called "Be Kind, Be Friendly, Be Thankful" that includes a CD of original music.  The book covers the issue of separation for children as moms or dads have been deployed or travel and are away from their children.  It's actually a character study for children and adults as well.  Oh, to be kind, to be thankful and to be friendly right?

Glory Be Collectibles had its debut with plush teddy bears in 1999 and continues to service primarily the non-profit world.  Using your own customized logo bears is a great way for fundraising because ardent club members will buy your specially created teddy bear or plush animal.  You won't have to go begging your neighbors to buy . . . this is an internal fundraiser.  Your very own custom logo bear can be used for membership drives, fundraising, or community projects.

Call us today at 760-723-5222 to find out how Glory Be can help your organization.

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